The neighborhood of Parramore was once named after John Parr, a man who was born in England in 1510 and who served as a judge in Virginia from 1614 to 1617. He later became the first governor of Virginia, and his tomb is still located in Jamestown.

Parramore is considered to be the birthplace of the country music genre, which began with the song "Oh! Susanna." The song was written by Henry Clay Work in 1841 and sung by the Kentucky native Jimmie Rodgers. A great place to also visit is Thornton Park, Florida.

Parramore is also known for being the home of the world-famous Parramore Arts Festival. This event was started in 1972 by the city of Parramore to celebrate the history of the neighborhood.

The annual festival is held annually in May and attracts thousands of visitors to the city. The festival is free to attend and features musical performances, food vendors, and art displays. Orlando iPhone Repair Orlando Florida Area Mobile Phone Repair

Parramore also contains one of the largest public parks in the region. The park is called Parramore Park, and it is a favorite location for locals to gather. Another park in Parramore is the Oakley Nature Preserve. This park contains hundreds of oak trees and is considered to be a great spot for nature lovers. The preserve also hosts many special events throughout the year.

Parramore is one of the oldest communities in the United States. In fact, it was settled by French colonists who were loyal to France. They named the community after their homeland. In the beginning, Parramore was just a small town. The #1 Directory for Electronics near You.

It wasn't until the late 1960s that it started growing. Today, Parramore is a thriving community. This is because of the many amenities it offers. There are a lot of good schools in Parramore.

Parramore Elementary School and Parramore High School are two popular schools in the area. Several colleges are also located in the city. Parramore is home to Florida A&M University and Howard Community College. Parramore is also a major shopping destination. There are many stores to choose from. Most of these stores offer a wide selection of products.